Policy Manual

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Table of Contents

Section 1 Incorporation, Structure and History

1.1 Act of Incorporation

1.2 Bishops and Archbishops

1.3 History of the Parishes and Missions

1.4 Civil Status of the Archdiocese

1.5 Deaneries of the Archdiocese

1.6 Foundation and Growth of the Archdiocese

1.7.1 Parishes, Quasi-Parishes and Missions of the Archdiocese

1.7.2 Creation and Modification of a Parish, Quasi-Parish or Mission

1.8 Registration of Parishioners

1.9 Protocol for Parishioner Registration

Section 2 Sacraments and Liturgy

2.1    Sacred Space

2.1.1 Concerts in Churches

2.1.2 Renovations to Sacred Places

2.1.3 School Mass Guidelines

2.1.4 Use of Catholic Churches and Church Sites for Non-Catholic Services

2.2    Baptism

2.2.0 Sacramental Guidelines – Initiation of Children

2.2.1 Preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism

2.2.2 Baptisms from outside the parish/diocese

2.2.3 Registering Apostasy

2.3    Catechesis and Preparation of Children       

2.3.1 Catechetical Norms for First Reconciliation

2.4    First Communion

2.4.1 Catechetical Norms for First Eucharist

2.5    The Eucharist

2.5.1 Tridentine Masses

2.5.2 Lay-led services

2.5.3 Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

2.5.4 Celiac Disease and Communion

2.6    Confirmation

2.6.1 Guidelines for the Sacrament of Confirmation

2.6.2 Eastern rite Confirmation                                                

2.7     Marriage

2.7.1 Marriage Guide Supplement

2.7.2 The Place and Time for the Celebration of Marriage

2.7.3 Marriage Forms

2.7.4 Candle Rite of a Marriage Celebration

2.8    Holy Orders

2.9    Anointing the Sick                                                                                                                  

2.10    Funerals

2.10.1 Funeral Liturgy Guidelines Annotated

2.10.2 Funeral Liturgy Guidelines – French

2.10.3 Funeral for an Unborn or Non-Baptized Child

Section 3 Financial Administration 

3.1    Banking, Investments and Audits

3.1.1 Parish Banking Procedures

3.1.2 Pooled Investment Fund

3.1.3 Review and Audit at the Time of Pastoral Assignment

3.1.4 Gifting Policy

3.1.5 Parish Registers & Financial Instruments

3.2    Cathedraticum and Pensions

3.2.1 Cathedraticum and Priests’ Pension

3.2.2 Obligations of a Diocese to its Retired Priests

3.3    Collections

3.3.1 Annual and Special Collections

3.3.2 Extra-Diocesan Collections & Solicitations

3.4    Extraordinary Expenditures

3.4.1 Guidelines for Building a Church

3.4.2 Extraordinary Expenditures

3.5.   Stipends and Allowances

3.5.1 Parish Responsibilities for Collecting and Paying Fees for Pastoral Services

3.5.2 Mass Stipends

3.5.3 Clergy Living Allowance

3.5.4 Employee Travel Allowance

3.5.5 Reporting of Stipends

3.6    Vacations and Leaves

3.6.1 Pastoral Help when a Priest is Absent

3.6.2 Vacation, Retreat and Continuing Education

3.6.3 Clarification on the Computing of Priests’ Vacation

3.6.4 Serving as Spiritual Director on Pilgrimages


3.6.6 Formation, Care and Remuneration of Seminarians

3.7 Parishes and parishioners

3.7.1 Financial Contributions for Attending Conferences and Workshops Outside of the Archdiocese

Section 4  Faith Formation 

4.1 Policy for Inviting a Presenter or Preacher

Section-5 Personnel Management 

5.1.1 Responsible Ministry

5.1.2 Safe Environment

5.2 Misconduct Policy



5.5 Hiring and Dismissal of Lay Staff

Section 6 Clerical Life and Ministries 

6.1 Standardization of Ministries (under development)

6.2 Irregular Marriages

6.3 Complaints about the Pastoral Ministry of a Priest

6.4 Death of a Member of the Clergy

Section 7 Miscellaneous 

7.1 Gambling Policy

7.2 The Archbishop’s Dinner

7.3 Canonical Visitations

7.4.1 Protection of Personal Information in Archived Records and Documents

7.4.2 Archives Access for Research Purposes

7.5 Cemeteries

7.6 Posting Information on Archdiocese Web Site 

Section 8  Policy on Activities and Events for Youth and Young Adults 

8.1 General Information about this Policy

8.2 Pre-approval for Extra-diocesan Events

8.3 Fundraising and Money-handling

8.4 Screening and Acceptable Conduct

8.5 Organizational Requirements and Checklist for Youth Events

8.6 Reporting on Youth Events