Parishes, Quasi-parishes, and Missions

Years ago, when here were many Oblate priests working in this diocese, it was possible to place a priest in almost every community where there was a church.  This is not so any more.  We have to recognize that not all of our communities have the same resources or can carry the same responsibilities.

For planning purposes, we have assigned a designation for each of these categories of Catholic community around the archdiocese:

  • a parish is a Catholic community of at least 50 families or 200 persons, with a resident priest that they can support financially, and which has a functioning Parish Finance and/or Parish Pastoral Council.
  • quasi-parish is a Catholic community that is lacking in one or more of the characteristics of a parish, but is still self-supporting.
  • a mission is a Catholic community that is not able to support itself financially, and is largely dependent on the chancery office for its needs.  It is primarily for these communities that we appeal to Catholic Missions in Canada for financial assistance.