Letters on Indian Residential Schools

Church did not “weasel” out of Residential School Settlement (27 April 2016)

“A $21-million shortfall on a $25-million fundraising campaign was a fiasco, but it wasn’t an attempt to weasel out of the legal or moral obligations Catholics have in the wake of the residential schools tragedy, Grouard-McLennan Archbishop Gerard Pettipas told The Catholic Register.”  Read more here.

Q&A Concerning the Financial Commitment of Catholic Entities (21 April 2016)

“Over the past several days, there have been news items in the media concerning the financial commitment of Catholic entities in relation to the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (IRSSA).  In the interest of providing you with the facts as I believe them to be, I am sending you the following Questions and Answers sheet offered by the Corporation of Catholic Entities Party to the Indian Residential School Settlement (CCEPIRSS), of which I am the chair of the Board.”  Read more here.

Entities Response to TRC Findings (June 2, 2015)