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Liturgical Notes for the Month of May (français)
by Archbishop Gerard Pettipas, C.Ss.R 

St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us!

The month of May is dedicated to our Blessed Mother Mary.  Some of us may recall “may processions” to honor and pray to the Blessed Virgin.  This lasts through the month of May.

May 1: St. Joseph the Worker. While Communist countries exalt labor on this day with parades, in the Catholic Church, St. Joseph is held up as an example of the quiet dignity of work in the life of all persons.

May 6: St. François de Laval.  This first bishop in Canada (Quebec City) is the patron saint of all Canadian bishops.  Pray for your own bishop, that he may become holy!

St. Eugene de Mazenod

May 16: Ascension of our Lord.  Forty days after the Resurrection (Easter), Jesus ascends to his Father.  National collection for the Pope’s pastoral works.

May 21: St. Eugene de Mazenod, founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, who have served faithfully in our and many other dioceses is the Canadian north-west. 

May 23: Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit comes upon the early disciples assembled in Jerusalem.  Considered to be “the birthday of the Church.  “Ordinary Time” resumes after this.

Holy Trinity cloth at the Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish in Girouxville

May 24: Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church.  Recently added to the Church calendar, this feast honours Mary who was among the early Christians gathered for Pentecost.

May 30: Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity:  The Church reflects on the profound mystery of the Godhead.

May 31: Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Recalls the visit of Mary to her relative Elizabeth, mother of St. John the Baptist.

Archbishop Pettipas

Gerard Pettipas, C.Ss.R.

Birth: 1950-09-06      Priesthood: 1977-05-07      Episcopate: 2007-01-25

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