Eastern Rite Confirmation (Policy 2.6.2)

In the Ukrainian Catholic Church, confirmation is administered immediately after baptism. Problems arise when Ukrainian Catholic students fail to realize that they have already been confirmed. To obviate difficulties, the following guidelines are to be observed:

  1. The certificate of baptism issued by the Ukrainian Catholic parish states explicitly that the person has been, not only baptized, but also confirmed. Thus, baptism certificates of potential candidates for confirmation in the Latin Rite are to be personally reviewed by the pastor (and principal in the event of the candidate being a student in a Catholic School) before the candidate is enrolled in the confirmation class. Only in rare cases where a baptismal record cannot be located is it permissible to accept an affidavit.
  2. If a Ukrainian Catholic child had been baptized and not confirmed, the matter should be referred to the proper pastor of the child. If this is not possible because no Ukrainian Catholic priest resides or serves in that locality or region, the Ukrainian Catholic chancery should be notified before any steps are taken to enrol a Ukrainian Catholic child in the Latin Rite confirmation class.
  3. In cases where a doubt exists as to the rite of a candidate for confirmation in the Latin Rite, the matter should be referred to either Chancery Office.
  4. Efforts should be made to explain to children of whatever Rite what the laws and customs of their Rites are concerning confirmation. The proper pastor of each child is to be consulted by the teacher when any difficulty arises.


Reviewed by the College of Consultors on16 February 2011