Director of Stewardship – Lisa Kroeger

A little about Lisa……

Lisa was born and raised in a German Roman Catholic home in Toronto, Ontario. Lisa attended university in the lower mainland BC and has been in Alberta for the last 10 years.

Lisa completed university in 2002 with an education in criminology and psychology. She has 21 years experience in the areas of youth corrections, counseling, crisis, and family needs assessments for children and adults. Her work includes child development, transitions, addictions counseling and she is an international best selling author.

Currently, Lisa works in Grande Prairie, AB as the SPD Program Training Coordinator for Canadian Mental Health Association.

Lisa volunteers with the Walk in Crisis Ministry at St Joseph’s Church in GP and is a student at Newburgh Seminary and Bible College to further her education with a B.A. Degree in Theology.

Most important to Lisa is being a dedicated wife and mom of her three teenage boys.

Contact Lisa by sending an email to or calling her at the office 780-532-9766 or her cell phone 780-677-0440. See when she’ll be visiting your parish.

“I am honored to be chosen for this role. I am excited to experience each parish within our diocese individually and all of the beautiful people who attend. I am looking forward to sharing with everyone the dedication of stewardship.” –Lisa Kroeger