Bishop Reporting System

The new Canadian Reporting System for Sexual Abuse or Cover-up by a Catholic Bishop furthers the commitment of the Catholic Church in Canada to protect minors and vulnerable persons from sexual abuse.  This is a national, bilingual service for reporting situations of sexual abuse either committed or covered-up by a Bishop. This service furthers their commitment to responsibility, accountability and transparency in matters of clergy sexual abuse and their commitment to facilitate healing and justice for victims-survivors.

Individuals can access the reporting system online ( or via a toll-free number (1-866-892-3737) from anywhere in Canada, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year in English or French. It operates on a confidential, secure platform, ClearView ConnectsTM, developed by ClearView Strategic Partners.

To view the Archdiocese’s Misconduct Policy and Protocol for Allegations of Sexual Abuse click here.

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